Sunday, 30. 3. 2008
CLUB photo David Bauder
Std. Libelle
656 pts.
15M photo Rasmus Ørskov
Duo Discus
2203 pts.
OPEN photo Sebastian Kawa
Ventus 2C/18m
986 pts.

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Competition - 26th Mar 2008

2008-03-26 17:58:40

Preliminary results are available in Results & Starts section.

2008-03-26 17:07:40

We are happy and released to announce that all the pilots have been counted. While several trailers left to pick up the outlanded gliders, we are now in an intensive process of data proceeding. We abload the results asap.

2008-03-26 16:47:09

The pilots are a bit frozen I suppose. While having -10°C outside the cockpit, there was a permanent need to open-and-close the window not to have the glass completely mist.

2008-03-26 16:41:16

2 more outlandings reported for now: DI and SX. There are only 10 more pilots we are waiting for. Isn't this a miracle again after being persuaded this morning about having another day lost? "Nitra? One can always fly in Nitra."

2008-03-26 16:24:17

The traffic slowed down significantly but we are ready to welcome the last gliders, for now this is valid for EL, NV and 73

2008-03-26 16:14:08

The list of outlandings is rather from CLUB class but not too long: GJ, ARI, W, XC, EO, LC, SN, XC. Lukasz Wojcik (VT) unfortunatelly just in front the airfield. From OPEN only S for now.

2008-03-26 16:05:11

TL, 1W, FCL, 7D, 7D, 99, ECC home ... LL outlanded in Pana village, not far from Nitra airfield

2008-03-26 15:59:00

K5, 33, H2, SK, EF, SR, W1, YB, PL, WK, PB, LOT all nice landed in Nitra.

2008-03-26 15:56:18

BS, HN, PL, WK, LOT, PBI, GY, NAJ ... "All pilots vacate runway please! Landing on the left, right line is full"

2008-03-26 15:53:39

SX - Harald Kopececk outlanded just 3km before finish line in front of our sights

2008-03-26 15:52:13

NRW, SX, D2C, TS, WZ, NAJ, NS, TM ... each 3 second announcing "5km direct landing"

2008-03-26 15:50:05

Very busy to catch all landing gliders here in the crowds, EP, N1, MSI, 77, WY, 1W, GE, SW, ...

2008-03-26 15:47:44

Peppe de Boer (MC), Simon Ruopp (6G), Philipp Butz from CLUB, Klaus Specht (WG), Nielsen Kjersgaard (I) safely landed in Nitra

2008-03-26 15:34:49

15Ms not left behind, ZM and HC back home, together with HK and WB

2008-03-26 15:31:15

We got busy again at the airport, especially on the tower, the first arrivals are here - from CLUB UX, DX, OXX, BW3 and WO, from OPEN class TS, PX and V1

2008-03-26 14:54:19

5 pilots out of today's game: Roman Lanzendorf (79), Johan Frey (HK) and Martin Rinker (EY) from CLUB class; Peter Szabo (BX) and Sorin Cristian Lingureanu (YZ) from 15Ms.

2008-03-26 13:41:03

The last class if free to start their journey according to the task - beginning in the north and afterwards soaring in Danube lowlands

2008-03-26 13:26:58

YB back to get the second launch immediatelly

2008-03-26 13:23:09

All gliders involved in the competition left from Nitra airfield, CLUBs class pilots have the start line open at 13:22 and the same will happen for OPENs at 13:40.

2008-03-26 13:04:09

"Test by fire" for pilots to show all their skills by launching. The wind turned to blow 8m/s cross the runway. ID is the last one from CLUB launching. In contrary, we have MC from this class to have a second launch.

2008-03-26 12:55:45

There are 7 CLUB gliders left on the runway, still busy with the OPENs, while the race is right now open for 15Ms. Good luck!

2008-03-26 12:37:12

Last 15M glider, PV, to be towed. The start line for them will be open at 12:55. Most of the pilots circling by one own's.

2008-03-26 12:13:04

CLUB class started the competition day: DC and LC lost the ground, immediatelly followed by 15M class. Eight townplanes on the run

2008-03-26 12:09:57

Sudden movement on the runway: after more than one hour of waiting Vladimir confirmed the first launch at 12:15. Towplanes are getting ready to help the first gliders test the air.

2008-03-26 11:46:01

Another 15 minutes first launch postpone. Our DG reports 1100m cloud base but more showers around. Right now wind gust 18m/s but we are waiting for the windows moving from the west

2008-03-26 11:17:41

Another postpone now, the first launch at 12:00

2008-03-26 11:16:00

DG launched to monitor the situation "live" - cloud base in 950m, climbs about 2m but hard to find. As watching the radar, there are cloud waves ongoing from the west.

2008-03-26 10:54:45

The sky is slowly clearing from the west but we can also see slight shower in Nitra. The wind power decreases. Only a question of time to take the decision.

2008-03-26 10:12:23

The grid time was postponed to 11:45. The first launch is expected after 11:30.

2008-03-26 09:44:36

I hope everybody is equipped with AT LEAST 3 clothes layers as the cold is creeping even behind the fingernails. What we are more worried about is the cross wind at the airport, blowing about 8m/s.

2008-03-26 09:30:18

The tasks for all classes were delivered at the early 9:00 briefing. We will fly the assigned areas spread rather to the south of Nitra. Meteoman is expecting a flyable window reaching our area in the midday. Gridding at 10:45 and exected launches at 11:00

2008-03-26 08:05:16

Despite little snow cover we have got during the night we have decided to set grid for runway 33. The briefing will be at 09:00.