Sunday, 30. 3. 2008
CLUB photo David Bauder
Std. Libelle
656 pts.
15M photo Rasmus Ørskov
Duo Discus
2203 pts.
OPEN photo Sebastian Kawa
Ventus 2C/18m
986 pts.

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Competition - 27th Mar 2008

2008-03-27 20:18:04

Briefing again at 9:00 tomorrow. Good night everybody.

2008-03-27 17:23:36

All pilots have been counted, several trailers left to pick up the outlanded gliders. We are collecting the loggers, memory cards, USB sticks, simply all possible data to provide you asap with the results. Thank you for nice battle and we are happy to have another day completed.

2008-03-27 16:22:02

WZ landed

2008-03-27 16:20:17

Obviously the major problem with completing the task has CLUB class where we registered the most outlandings: MJ, UX, LL, MS, SN, MC, 33, 99, WJ and CI. But also some from Open: 77, SR and S

2008-03-27 16:18:15

We cannot call the last ones another way than fighters! H2, K5 and K9 plus there are some more that we can see circling close to Zobor mountain range

2008-03-27 16:09:51

I guess we have the biggest traffic at the airfield over, the intervals between landings is getting longer, the last announced were 79, DS, EL, LS, W1, and CL

2008-03-27 16:01:48

OPEN class landing in a group constelation (WV, ECC, RS, BS, I) together with Mircea Craciun on YB from 15M.

2008-03-27 15:55:09

Today our eyes are fixed on Zobor hill from where also EO, LC, 2C, BW3, IF, WO, 7D, XC, ARI finish their tasks

2008-03-27 15:50:29

EY slightly damaged undercarage in the field while outlanding

2008-03-27 15:48:46

VL, VV, GJ, PB, MSI, D2C, EP landed. I have just seen YZ trailer leaving the airport, not the only one.

2008-03-27 15:39:22

NV, WB, N2, AX, 82, 77I, IR, GY, TL, HC, IYB ... continuing busy time on the tower

2008-03-27 15:35:16

Wind 2m/s and bigger crowd of gliders announced the final: PL, K5, PX, PBI, BSI, T7, NAJ, WK, GX, DL, SI, EF, SX, LOT

2008-03-27 15:30:56

Approaches are not too frequent for now, DD, TS, DXI, HK landed. We saw TM, KW and SW arrivals but using their engines.

2008-03-27 15:15:33

Stanislav Poslusny (SP) from CLUB landed in Nitra but he did not complete the task. Few minutes later, BX, ZM and VN landed comfortably here.

2008-03-27 15:06:51

BP and MS, this time from OPEN class, on final.

2008-03-27 15:05:23

Ludek Somol on DX cruising above our heads. We will see if he is about to land or he still has a journey ahead. As we have a report, there are 1,5 - 2m climbs, nicely flyable conditions.

2008-03-27 14:45:41

Here we go, FK was not the lonely rider, we have 4 more pilots at home: PV, DI, PV, 1W - all from 15M class. Welcome Jarek, Mikhail and Tommy !

2008-03-27 14:42:56

FK - Robert Ponikiewski happen to land at the Nitra airport as the first one. Did he manage to complete the task?

2008-03-27 13:11:50

WB was the last from OPEN class and emptied the runway 15 for today. They are free to head towards their first turnpoint at 13:30. Good luck guys, come back fast and safely !

2008-03-27 13:05:27

The last CLUB joined his competitors, they can start their race at 13:24

2008-03-27 13:00:56

Only 4 more CLUBs left to be towed. The others already up created a nice column west from the airport under one massive cloud dominating the sky

2008-03-27 12:50:46

Over 30 CLUB class pilots disappeared from the airfield. Reported cloud base is about 900m. We have the start line for 15M class open now !

2008-03-27 12:33:37

BX completed the 15M class starts, its up to OPENs to follow them. One CLUB pilot (DA) landed back and will have the second launch immediatelly

2008-03-27 12:22:20

Towplane after towplane receiving the signal for taking off. The launches are fluent, the first gliders circling above the airfield

2008-03-27 12:12:12

We stay with the start time 12:15. Nine towplanes have the engines on and wait for the confirming order ... and yes, the lanches are here

2008-03-27 11:43:19

The termals are starting to develop in Nitra surrounding. We launched our testing machine DG 1000 to check the situation "live". Lets see the reports within few minutes.

2008-03-27 11:13:44

All gliders are ready on the grid but we are waiting for the air to warm up and let the thermals work. The first launch postponed on 12:00

2008-03-27 09:38:43

As the meteo situation is still rather complicated the tasksetter keep on setting the Assignated Area tasks. The competition area is similar for all classes - rather South-SE from Nitra in the lowlands, reaching Chotin turnpoint (at the Hungarian border).

2008-03-27 09:29:51

We continue with the early regime today. 9:00 briefing finished with decision to have another flying day. The sky is expected to be clearing up slowly. Grid time pushed 1/2 later at 11:15

2008-03-27 08:41:27

The grid time is 10:45 and briefing will be at 09:00.