CLUB photo Steffen Göttler
ASW 19
5474 pts.
photo Sebastian Kawa
SZD 56 Diana 2
6465 pts.
OPEN photo Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2C/18m
6212 pts.

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Competition - 11th Apr 2009

2009-04-11 19:37:55

The tow planes and all gliders safely at the ground. Let's prepare for the Opening Party. That's enough for today, enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow.

2009-04-11 19:14:43

All gliders are counted, four of them will return in a few moments from retow from neighbour airfield. Watch the results updates, we are all excited about today's winners.

2009-04-11 18:49:24

We have announced new outlandings: 6G, 30, LC, 57, UX, VS, KK and 2C. Still few gliders flying...

2009-04-11 18:28:01

Still new gliders coming. Our tow plane Eurofox starts to pick up 4 competitors from south situated neighbour airfield "Nove Zamky".

2009-04-11 18:19:36

Although new and new gliders are coming we have still a weak half of the competitors in the air.

2009-04-11 18:01:05

ZB, JB, BS and PBI at 10th.

2009-04-11 17:59:21

AG and YB at fith...

2009-04-11 17:57:26

Runway is now full of gliders and new are still coming. 71, R5 and PB are just aproaching...

2009-04-11 17:52:16

15M and OPEN gliders are aproaching continously:)

2009-04-11 17:40:36

Most of the pilots are on their last leg, we have already a couple of outlandings: CLUB: 99,PW, OXX, E2 HK, I, W, CI, DII, Y, XC, SH, RH, 22, IT, CL, E7, C2, MC, 97
15M: Y2, ET, DI
Seems like some crews will have a long night;)

2009-04-11 15:55:36

The sky is clearing here in Nitra but we can still see a CU clouds on the route. No information about outlandings yet.

2009-04-11 15:14:13

You can watch the competitors using our tracking system.

2009-04-11 14:27:19

The outlanded glider has a sign YZ. The trailer has already departed.

2009-04-11 14:23:00

The OPEN class start line has been just opened. We wish to all pilots nice and safe flight:)

2009-04-11 14:08:31

We have just received an information about first outlanding. One glider landed 8km E of the airfield:(

2009-04-11 14:05:42

Finally we have empty runway, we finished the towing procedure with last glider "K1". The OPEN class start line will be opened at 2:23 pm

2009-04-11 14:00:59

A glider "97" from club class had some problems. He need to repeat the take off. We hope it will be successfull now;)

2009-04-11 13:49:33

Start line for CLUB and 15m&2-SEAT class is open!

2009-04-11 13:43:06

5 minutes before opening the start line for CLUB class first CU clouds finally appeared directly above the runway. Another glider has just landed:(

2009-04-11 13:36:46

Another two gliders on the ground: GX and YZ from 15m class. They are immediatelly starting again.

2009-04-11 13:31:20

Start line for CLUB class is opened at 13.45 and for 15m at 13.48.

2009-04-11 13:29:50

The CLUB class and 15m & 2SEAT class gliders are already in the air. Another glider has just landed (AW).

2009-04-11 13:13:33

Up to 20 gliders is now circling above the local ridge called "Zobor". Looks like they are climbing in centimetres...

2009-04-11 13:01:59

We have first glider landing here. SI have to take off again.

2009-04-11 12:58:20

Still no cumulus around the airport. OPEN class task has been changed from approx. 500km to 414km.

2009-04-11 12:52:12

Still no significant CU clouds and pilots have to fly concentrated to stay in the air.

2009-04-11 12:42:39

Towing goes smooth since we have 10 tow planes available:) Anyway the thermals still seems to be weak, we can see a bunch of gliders circling at 400m at north edge of the runway. Others are trying to climb above a small slope 8km northl.y

2009-04-11 12:27:34

All "Turbo's" are heating their engines, we start in 3 minutes...

2009-04-11 12:22:30

Vladimir just anounced that we will make the first starts at 12.30 for sure. The OPEN class pilots will have a little diferent task, the first turning point will be changed. Pilots will obtain the new tasks at the grid.

2009-04-11 12:04:01

The first launch has just been postponed to 12.30.

2009-04-11 11:57:51

All gliders are at the grid position, eveybody is waiting till first thermals appear.

2009-04-11 11:43:32

We have just received an information that first launch is postponed to 12.15!

2009-04-11 11:26:04

30 minutes to launch and grid is almost full. There are last 4 gliders filling in the water, others seem to be ready for take off.

2009-04-11 10:46:42

Today's briefing is over. Weather forecast says we will have partly cloudy today with possibility of more clouds in the north (1st leg area). The competition will start tough: with racing tasks for all classes. Club class will fly a south-east legs oriented task of total length 396,5km, 15M & 2-SEAT class fly a butterfly task vith 3 TP's situated northly of the airfield of total length 438,3km and finally OPEN class fly almost 500km (495,7) buterfly task with first TP situated in Czech Republic. After briefing all pilots ran away to finalize their preparations for the first competition flight.

2009-04-11 09:40:08

Briefing starts in 20 minutes. We all are looking forward to today's tasks...

2009-04-11 08:44:57

We have a beautiful sunny morning, clear sky and fresh wind indicate a good weather today.

2009-04-11 08:14:00

Grid is already set up, first pilots are putting their sailplanes to the runway.

2009-04-11 07:57:48

Good morning. Grid for runway 15 until 11:45. Briefing at 10:00. The first launch is expected at 12:00.