CLUB photo Steffen Göttler
ASW 19
5474 pts.
photo Sebastian Kawa
SZD 56 Diana 2
6465 pts.
OPEN photo Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2C/18m
6212 pts.

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Competition - 16th Apr 2009

2009-04-16 20:40:09

All gliders are counted.

2009-04-16 19:47:02

SI has to land in Partizanske because of the sun set.

2009-04-16 19:29:39

Some gliders are still trying to reach final with the help of ridge. N1 and N2 are 10km away from the airport.

2009-04-16 19:26:39

ZB is on the ground, SJ and IM have final. 77 and some more trailers just left the airport.

2009-04-16 19:08:15

FV, BT, K1, D2C, GE, JR, SDI, IYB, PB, DUOI are back home. We have still few gliders in the air. BSI is on final glide near Tribec and N1 near Vtacnik.

2009-04-16 19:00:47

IY, PX, RS, TG, LB are on the ground.

2009-04-16 18:56:56

We have several outlandings. 30, 57, 99, GP, ITT, PW, W from club class. YB from 15m class and EG from open class.

2009-04-16 18:45:53

KX landed in Partizanske and took a lift to Nitra.

2009-04-16 18:37:17

The trailer with number 30 just left the airport. Another outlanding?

2009-04-16 18:29:31

BX outlanded. GR, CGI, V7, DX, GO are on the way home.

2009-04-16 18:19:50

I is on final glide. Now we are waiting for LA, LOT, SK, JB and IHE.

2009-04-16 18:15:32

XY and WB are 10km away from the airport. They will be here any minute.

2009-04-16 18:13:40

Another gliders are approaching the airfield. WY, ML, BB, II, 42, ER, C2, XC, M1, ER and LSJ.

2009-04-16 18:06:21

UX, 37, RP are at home. KK is the first glider home from open class.

2009-04-16 17:59:37

Online Tracking is working again. For access please use user LSF and same LSF as password. Despite the course is not visible, we can see the 15m / 2 Seat class gliders already some 70km out between 1500-2000m.

2009-04-16 17:59:36

First glider from 15m class is at home. It is the glider with the competition number 5. AW outlanded just few meters away from the airfield.

2009-04-16 17:50:16

Club class is heading home. R5, LC, HK, CI already landed at the airfield. 33 is on final glide.

2009-04-16 16:21:21

First cumulus appeared above the airport.

2009-04-16 16:14:20

We appologize for the problem with tracking. The tracking system broke down, but it should be repaired in 30 minutes.

2009-04-16 16:00:00

We have some more informations about gliders. RH and 97 outlanded. DII outlanded at the airport in Trencin and 101 outlanded in Partizanske.

2009-04-16 15:17:23

Another outlandings. ET and M9. M9 outlanded near Partizanske.

2009-04-16 14:26:38

Weather conditions around Nitra are a little bit difficult. We have already one outlanding. Glider with competition number 10 outlanded 6km north from the airfield.

2009-04-16 14:01:36

The last glider from open class is in the air. Start line for open class will be opened at 14:18.

2009-04-16 13:49:24

15m + 2seat class will be opened at 13:50 and club class at 13:58.

2009-04-16 12:52:10

First gliders are in the air. Starts have just begun. Unfortunately, we still can´t see any CU clouds. Wind is quite strong and cold (approximately 7 meters per second). Eleven best glider pilots from 15m class received tracking system. You can see how they are doing (look the link on our front page).

2009-04-16 12:20:02

Starts were moved to 12:45. Temperature is still not high enough. Termals are weak.

2009-04-16 11:57:24

The first launch was moved to 12:30.

2009-04-16 11:49:22

All the gliders have to be at the grid by now.

2009-04-16 10:49:36

The 15m class task has been already distributed. At first the task setters did a mistake in the task. They switched the starting line with the finish line. The new task is 410 km long. Good luck guys!

2009-04-16 10:39:20

It is shortly after the briefing where pilots received informations about their tasks. They seem pretty challenging. Open class task is a little over 400km. The club class has 312,8km.The task for the 15m class will be distributed shortly.The weather is expected to be similar to yesterday, just a little bit drier. The first launch is set up for 12:00. Be ready!

2009-04-16 08:08:12

Good morning. We can see first gliders on the grid. Wind is in runway 15 direction. See you on the briefing at 10:00.