photo Felipe Cvitanich
Duo Discus
3605 pts.
CLUB photo Roman Mraček
Czech Republic
Std. Cirrus
3945 pts.
15M photo Sebastjan Ramšak
Discus 2C/15m
3772 pts.
OPEN photo Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2C/18m
4044 pts.

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Competition - 11th Jan 2012

2012-01-11 13:14:40

Dear pilots,

I am very glad that, on behalf of Aeroklub Nitra, I can invite you again to the 12th edition of Pribina Cup 2012 - International Easter Gliding Competition. This invitation is particularly important to our current Pribina Cup champions who should be willing to defend their titles. The event is scheduled, obviously, during Easter time and will be held at the Airport Nitra / Slovakia as usually.

The Nitra venue is likely already well known to you as the established and the great place to do any gliding sport. All the necessarily infrastructure like the airfield without a significant obstacles, an outlanding options, the camping and the briefing areas, our repair facility, the catering and the lodging being close or directly at the airport, good route infrastructure with the brand new highway called PR1bina passing by, great landscape ranging from flatland to highest mountains and traditionally very good gliding weather should ensure that all of you coming should experience pleasant atmosphere and relaxed competition here. Furthermore Slovakia’s climate and our natural fortune have promoted the country for the tourism and adventure sports. Anyway all that would have no value without our greatest fortune, our people. Local club members, towpilots, all those who take care of your accommodation, catering and your stay here, are very important to the success of the event. Slovaks are commonly known for their friendly and hospitable behaviour and they are the key element of the overall success.

This common interest to flying sport, particularly to gliding, is reflected by the organising activities of the national aeroclub or the local clubs in the past. Without listing all the events it is obvious that Slovakia is one of the most frequent destinations for the competition glider pilots in the recent years. These activities were complementary to the birth and the growth of the Pribina Cup to its current status of the well established International Easter Gliding Competition.

Without your support and the support of our partners and friends Nitra and Slovakia would not became famous in gliding sport and we would not be able to achieve our goal to organise an exciting and great but relaxed and especially safe events.

I hope that you have already several strong reasons to come to fly in Nitra this year again. All the team is looking forward to meet you.

In the end and as the side note I would like to clarify some of the rumours spreading around the gliding community. It is true that due to my recent change of profession and place of work from Slovakia to Cologne, Germany we had to reshuffle the organisation team slightly. Therefore the new competition director from now on is Dominik Jancik, well known to the most of you, and I will continue to contribute to the event as the sporting director and his deputy for all the sporting matters. I am sure this set up will keep the event at the same or even better level than before.

On behalf of all from the Pribina Team

Sincerely yours

Vladimir Foltin