photo Felipe Cvitanich
Duo Discus
3605 pts.
CLUB photo Roman Mraček
Czech Republic
Std. Cirrus
3945 pts.
15M photo Sebastjan Ramšak
Discus 2C/15m
3772 pts.
OPEN photo Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2C/18m
4044 pts.

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Competition - 9th Apr 2012

2012-04-09 19:27:16

All gliders are accounted for today. Last ones landed just 10 minutes before the sunset. It was a long day. 

2012-04-09 18:40:00

Arrivals Day 2

Club: IF, R5, OE, LX, 30, V5, 17, LL, SN, WT, E9, E, WS, DM, DK, DC, FK, FL, ZAR, WS, IF, HWG, B, BER,

15m: EY, D9, KX, 19, BS, CP, DI, VI, KG, CH, JB, HC, EK, PB, GI

20m: WD, 1W, GF, NIT, KA, P2, K2, DDT,

Open: GE, IM, MO, 3B, PES, WO, PL, LA, KOS, IE, ZF, ZB, 4A, A1, LR1, JR, ZP, UC, LF, BT, RA, 2C, I, AT 

2012-04-09 17:47:52

7 gliders flying to the south. We hope it might be the open class.

2012-04-09 16:33:58

Outlandings Day 2:

Club: 99, 101, LZ, TL, GJ

15m: IR, SI, ML, LOT, NF


Open: EG

2012-04-09 16:05:05

The air has completely dried out and there are no cumulus at all, not even on hills. We have no informations from the pilots so far. The sun is still shining and it is finally a little warmer at the airport.

2012-04-09 15:10:08

Yoga class is over and we have already few outlandings from the club class reported and two gliders from the open class returned back using the engine. 

2012-04-09 13:54:16

The sun is shining and it is nice outside. Atmosphere at the airport is nice and calm. Some people are at bar, some are wondering around the airport. We are going to practice some yoga:)

2012-04-09 12:17:47

Some activities for crew: There will be poweryoga class today from 14:00 to 15:00 and everyone is welcomed. All you need is working out clothes and good mood :) We are meeting in the bar.  

2012-04-09 12:10:29

Starts are over and pilots are ready to compete. The weather looks nice but cumulus clouds have already disolved above Nitra. According to the satellite pictures the cumulus are around TMA Sliac and that is where pilots are heading. Thermals are strong so there should be no problems. It is windy and cold outside but the sun is shinning. 

2012-04-09 11:01:09

The starts has just begun. The sun is shining there are few cumulus clouds on the sky. The air is drier than yesterday so less cumulus clouds are expected even during the day. 

2012-04-09 10:49:45

 Starts are confirmed to 11:00.

2012-04-09 10:26:16

The briefing is over and pilots are rushing to their gliders to finish the preparation for the flight. There is a long task ahead of them. All classes received a racing task with the shortest distance for the club class - 300km. Open class received the most challenging task with the distance little over 500km. First start is scheduled for 11:00. The weather looks great, first cumulus are already on the sky. 


2012-04-09 08:39:18

Briefing is at 10:00 and the first launch is planned for 11:00 so be ready pilots;) 

2012-04-09 07:29:10

Good Morning!

The sky is blue and the sun is shining. It is cold outside after a freezing night. Today we expect good flying weather. Grid opens at 8:30. Runway in use is 33.