photo Katharina von Podewils-Joachim Schwenk
1988 pts.
CLUB photo Ivan Novak
Czech Republic
Std. Cirrus
1781 pts.
15M photo Petr Svoboda
Czech Republic
LS 8/15m
1871 pts.
OPEN photo Karol Staryszak
ASG 29/18m
1865 pts.

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Competition - 19th Apr 2014

2014-04-19 18:43:51

All gliders are accounted for today.

2014-04-19 17:16:06

Almost all gliders are home. Some outlandings have been reported: KG, MB, OF from the 15 m class, 99, 101, TM, CG, LM, GA, V8, DH, 52, S3, L4 from the club class and LD from the open class. Some filles still have not been delivered. Accoarding to pilots the weather was very tricky and hard to predict. Those who were waiting at the beginnig had most likely problems. Thermals were quite strong but hard to find due to the wide spreading and local rainshowers. Stronger wind also complicated the situation. Despite that there were pilots who were able to complete the task and you can see the preliminary results on the soaringspot.

2014-04-19 15:16:05

We have good news, there are pilots who were able to complete the task. 

2014-04-19 14:58:14

Many gliders have already landed and more are on final. We cannot tell whether they were able to complete the task.

2014-04-19 14:16:16

 To see the local satellite view check

To see the radar

2014-04-19 14:08:57

Local rainshower just passed the airport, but we can see a small window coming accoarding to radar. Pilots are doing their best to compete. 

2014-04-19 13:58:47

It is shortly after take offs, some pilots had to repeat the start. Weather looks complicated, there are local rainshowers coming from the souteast. It is hard to predict what it will do. 

2014-04-19 11:51:29

Starts are moved and confirmed to 12:15 

2014-04-19 11:42:38

First start is confirmed to 12:00. There are thick layer of clouds coming from the east so we need to use the window there is above our area right now. The sun is shinning and it is quite warm outside. Pilots are on the start getting their gliders ready for the first flying day. 

2014-04-19 11:00:47

It is shortly after the briefing and there have been 109 pilots registered so far. Thanks you all for coming and we hope you enjoy the time here.

Tasks for the first day are set, AAT for all classes with 3 areas and the task time 2 hours.  20m Class received 114,5 - 270 km, 15m class 115 - 259 km, club class 105,9 - 290,5 km and 20m class 114,5 - 270 km. First launch is planned for 12:00 loc and grid closes 15 min before launching. 


2014-04-19 08:26:45

For those pilots who came late yesterday there is still chance to register in the corner office under the tower until the briefing.

2014-04-19 07:37:02

First Official Day

Good morning to everyone. Grid from 8:30 until 11:45 for runway 15, same sequence of classes as yesterday (15m, 20m, open on the left). Self-launching  open class motor gliders will take-off from behind club class grid. The first take-off is expected at 12:00. Opening briefing at 10:00 in the hangar. CU all there.

2014-04-19 07:33:19

Official Training Flights

When discussing with some pilots what thay think of today, I have learned that they had a nice flights towards N-NME and the weather improved remarkably 30km NE of Nitra. This was the palce where the first Cu cloudes apeared in the early afternoon. Furtharmore, those who flew higher, did not have a problem to find a good climbs, sometimes above 3m/s, but those flying low struggled. Feedback was, that the task was well set and average speeds around 100km/h or even higher prooved that statement. Have a good nicht sleep before tomorrow, as there is still some hope for flying.