photo Katharina von Podewils-Joachim Schwenk
1988 pts.
CLUB photo Ivan Novak
Czech Republic
Std. Cirrus
1781 pts.
15M photo Petr Svoboda
Czech Republic
LS 8/15m
1871 pts.
OPEN photo Karol Staryszak
ASG 29/18m
1865 pts.

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Competition - 24th Apr 2014

2014-04-24 17:19:16

We are happy to announce that also all gliders from 15m class are accounted for :o)

2014-04-24 16:10:28

All open class, club class and 20m two seat class gliders are accounted for. We are still waiting for information about four 15m class gliders. There are no arrivals announced at the moment.

2014-04-24 15:45:45

All except one open class glider are accounted for. Most of the gliders from other gliders are home too. Anyway we are still waiting for a few pilots to arrive. The weather at the airport improved and now we have only a light wind from N and we are without rain.

2014-04-24 15:38:54

We do not have a busy space around anymore as the most of gliders are at home already. Pilots and crews are busy securing them against the choppy wind and rain.

2014-04-24 15:32:21

Arrivals continue without break and we have noticed gliders from all classes. There is a big shower S of the field making it more difficult to arrive. A few gliders safely outlanded some 3km out in the field. There is 90 degress right cross wind for arrival runway 33 at the moment, but all pilots managed it very well.

2014-04-24 15:28:49

We have the first arrivals, mostly from open and 20m two-seat class. The weather looks fine at the moment, but there are some Cu Con developing around.

2014-04-24 14:15:04

We launched all gliders in about one hour and despite some of them were struggling to climb in the end we had only a few relights. Now the weather appears to be good, the cloud base has been reported at around 1800 MSL with up to 2m/s climbs below clouds. Let's hope for a good racing day.

2014-04-24 11:21:14

We will start launching at 11:30. Godd luck to all pilots.

2014-04-24 11:09:51

The briefing is over, gliders on the grid and weather seems to be improving so we would be able to fly. We set speed tasks via assigned areas with minimum task time 2 hours for all classes. The airspace is bit limited due to other airspace users activity and in addition to that the weather window we could possibly use is limited too. Therefore the tsks are not too long and are spread around nitra towards N-NE and S-SE. Anyway, we hope for a valid contest day.

2014-04-24 09:39:33

Weather News

Low pressure area from the south influences the weather over competition area. The air stratification is still instable giving good conditions to form updrafts. The sunheat will be strong enough, although there are some Ci clouds on the sky. Rain shovers and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon are expected.

2014-04-24 08:39:48

Day 5

Good morning. Grid will be open from 8:30 for runway 15. Grid sequence is the following: open class, 20m 2 seat class and 15m class on the left and open self-launchers followed by club class on the right. Briefing at 10:00 in the hangar.

2014-04-24 07:01:44

All gliders are accounted for.