Saturday, 11. 4. 2015
photo Anton Šibanc
Duo Discus
807 pts.
CLUB photo Boris Žorž
Std. Cirrus
609 pts.
15M photo Martin Tronnier
ASG 29/15m
658 pts.
OPEN photo Helge Liebertz
ASH 25/>26m
800 pts.

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Penzion U Krba



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Competition - 4th Apr 2015

2015-04-04 20:46:32

First flying day is over. We are enjoying evening and talking about today's flights. Good night and see you tomorrow hoping for next flying day ;)

2015-04-04 18:43:36

We are waiting for the last pilots. The atmosphere is quite calm now. First contest day takes some time for scorers to publish results but we do our best.

2015-04-04 16:21:57

 Landings still in progress. You can watch PILOT STATUS LIST to see who is already home at the airport. Results are uploaded regularly on soaringspot.com. Nice CUs watch on our webcams.

2015-04-04 15:34:07

 Plenty of gliders from all classes already home or on final glide. There were some small rainshowers around but eventually the weather has developed into nice cumulus sky as you know from calendar pictures :)

2015-04-04 15:18:16

 Landings have started. First pilots from 20m 2-seat class home already.

2015-04-04 14:59:24

 We have couple of outlandings reported. Some of pilots who have landed back at the airport getting new launches. They just don't want to give up so easily.

2015-04-04 14:33:49

 You can watch realtime statuses of your favourite pilots under section PILOT STATUS LIST right next to the message board menu item.

2015-04-04 13:41:19

 Some rainshowers developed around Nitra but they look to be just local for now. Hope competitors do not have big issue with them. Meanwhile a lot of people enjoying their time at the airport in a pleasent atmosphere.

2015-04-04 12:51:53

Starting procedure is smoothly done. Everybody in the air.

2015-04-04 11:56:42

 Everything is ready at the grid now. Let the show begin!

2015-04-04 11:47:04

First launch confirmed to 12 pm.

2015-04-04 11:34:15

First start moved to 12 pm. Shorter Tasks B are valid now for all classes.

2015-04-04 11:08:36

 Posponed to 11:30 am

2015-04-04 10:41:53

It is short after briefing where racing tasks from 212km to 303km were presented. Launches expected at 11:15 am. So be ready to compete!

2015-04-04 08:56:59

We expect flyable conditions today but there is a possibility of presence of cirrus clouds in higher layers coming from south-west which might complicate the situation. The meteorologist is analyzing weather development and will get you more detailed information at 10.00 AM during briefing. See you there.

2015-04-04 08:39:33

Grid from 8:30 to 11:00 AM for runway 33. Grid sequence same as yesterday. Just to be sure: 15m class, 20m 2-seat class and open class on the right and club class followed by 20m 2-seat class self-launchers and open class self-launchers on the left.

2015-04-04 07:00:58

 Day 2

Good morning! Although we expected simillar weather conditions as yesterday the sun is beautifully shining now. Let's hope for a first valid contest day!

More info later.