Saturday, 11. 4. 2015
photo Anton Šibanc
Duo Discus
807 pts.
CLUB photo Boris Žorž
Std. Cirrus
609 pts.
15M photo Martin Tronnier
ASG 29/15m
658 pts.
OPEN photo Helge Liebertz
ASH 25/>26m
800 pts.

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Penzion U Krba



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Competition - 9th Apr 2015

2015-04-09 18:02:16

All gliders are accounted for. Let's see the results!

2015-04-09 17:42:50

Four gliders from the 15m class and 1 glider from open class are still getting their best chances to get home. It seems like today was a nice reward after yesterday´s non contest day for everybody. 

2015-04-09 17:26:42

All gliders from club class are home.

2015-04-09 17:21:19

Almost everybody from Club, Open and 20m classes home. 15m class pilots are finishing right now.

2015-04-09 16:44:21

 The runway is full of gliders which is a good signal that today should be a success one :-) 

2015-04-09 16:06:25

First gliders approaching.

2015-04-09 15:58:35

The sky has cleared but blue termals should be active. We have just moved to the tower so let´s wait for first pilots to come. One outlanding has been reported so far. Check the PILOT STATUS LIST.

2015-04-09 13:37:18

The atmosphere at the airport is very calm, people are enjoying nice and warm sunshines. The temperature is rising up and the clouds are drying out.

2015-04-09 12:43:10

All gliders are in the air in less than 45 minutes. The current weather situation looks very promising. We are even jelous not to fly.

2015-04-09 11:48:57

 First start is confirmed to 12pm.

2015-04-09 10:35:28

It is shortly after the briefing and first start is planned for 12:00. All classes received racing tasks from 244 to 306 km. Accoarding to the meteorologist Ivo, the weather is influenced by the dry air, therefore we might expect just some cu clouds that will be drying out during the day and should not be very strong, up to 2m/s. The significant change is the wind that will be weak (finally :) )  and the temperature will be much nicer, up to 18 C. Later in the afternoon cirrus clouds are expected coming from the north. Don´t forget to check the webcam ;)

2015-04-09 10:04:10

Briefing is about to start and the warm tea is beeing served eventhough it is finally getting warm outside,yay. First cu clouds are above our head so let's see what Vlado says in the briefing.

2015-04-09 07:50:39

Day 7 

Good morning everyone!

We woke up into the sunny morning. The sky is clear and there is a good chance for another flying day.Watch out, we are changing the runway to 15, grid is open from 8:30 to 11:45. More weather news after the briefing that will be held at 10:00.
Grid sequence is following:

15L 15R
 20 m 2-seat class  20m 2-seat class self-launchers
 Open class  Open class self-launchers
 15 m class  Club class