photo Wolfgang Janowitsch / Mathias Wersonig
2837 pts.
CLUB photo Michal Lešinger
Czech Republic
ASW 19
2262 pts.
15M photo Dennis Huybreckx
LS 8/15m
2847 pts.
OPEN photo Simon Enrique / Briel Levin
EB 28
2936 pts.

FAI International Pilots Rankings













Penzion U Krba


You can post your impressions, feelings and opinions here. Feel free & enjoy !

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[2019-02-08 05:51:26] [28] Tony - an article for your blog

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I am terribly sorry but I did not have much time to find royalty free images. One company that I contacted whilst doing research and collecting references for this guide did give me permission to publish on of their banners that I have included in the g-drive folder.

The entire guide is saved in a Word document inside my Google drive which you can access via this link

I hope your readers will enjoy reading my guide.

I would be most grateful if you could send me a link to the guide once you have published it!

I will endeavour to write a couple more articles as and when I get some more free time: it is hell at work after the festive period.

Have a fab day.

[2017-11-22 10:11:44] [27] Anthonypek - AnthonypekAnthonypek
[2017-06-11 18:02:59] [26] Staceyskipt - fast approval loans
holiday payday loans payday loans north carolina online payday loans utah personnal loan
[2016-04-09 11:09:08] [21] Zsolt & Malina - message
We want to thank you for a great time and we are happy for meeting so many nice and kind people around the airfield. See you next year :-)
[2016-04-04 15:52:43] [20] Another guest - about the competition
It was still a nice competition regardless the mid-air collision. Who was there, knows it. The organizers were doing a great job.
[2016-04-03 09:48:38] [19] Guest - Nice competition???
How on earth you can call a competition with a mid-air collision as a nice one!!!
[2016-04-02 12:48:34] [18] To KOCH - No subject
there is city bus number 19 that drives to the airport (last bus stop in Janíkovce). Today starts are planned for 11:30.
[2016-04-02 12:15:45] [17] S. Laurinyecz - before finish
Hajrá Zsolti, ma már csak taktikusan, együtt a maggal.
[2016-04-01 21:12:17] [16] Robert Koch - Visitor area?
I'm a private pilot in the US, now a visiting professor in Nitra. Today I rode the city bus out, but I was not able to find any way to see the launching and recovery. Do you have a visitor's area? I'd come back on Saturday if there is something for me to see. Many thanks!
[2016-04-01 18:46:37] [15] Gerold - R.
Ahoi Stefan (SL),

hast es ja gestern auch mal nach Nitra zurück geschafft. Chapeau!

[2016-04-01 17:20:11] [14] Tibor - New WIFI - name is AK_PRIBINA
[2016-04-01 17:17:56] [13] Tibor - New WIFI
Hi, there is new WIFI in front of the bar. I also covers bar without problems and other places if your device is sensitive enough. Please try it, it should be much quicker.
[2016-04-01 00:06:08] [12] Miklán Bika Zol - No subject
Csak így tovább fijjú!!
Üdv Bika (a vénember a műanyag Falkéval)
[2016-03-31 16:08:33] [11] Juro - Zapadná WEB kamera
Chalani, odtiahnite žalúzie pred západnou kamerou.
[2016-03-28 18:31:45] [10] pj - web page
Hello! According to flarm tracking a lot of gliders on the groun already and no info on pilot status list. Also results on soaringspot are very late and updated rarely... please improve your performance ;)
[2016-03-27 15:44:32] [9] S.Laurinyecz - No subject
Hajrá Siket Zsolti, drukkolunk neked itthonról ! Üdvözlettel: a Condor Team Hungary..
[2016-03-27 14:17:23] [8] Elad ef - Visiting the competition
Is there an option to visit the cometition this week?
[2016-03-25 14:08:42] [7] TT - OGN,18.18012&z=12
[2016-03-25 10:50:21] [6] Markus Poprtman - Tracking
is there a live tracking active for this Competition?
greetings foms Switzzerland
[2016-03-14 15:46:28] [5] Rado Baláž - accommodation & historical sit
Please allow us to introduce you Park Hotel Tartuf which is situated only a few kilometres from Nitra, on the outskirts of the village of Beladice. The hotel is a historical manor house in the middle of a large and quiet park with stylized rooms, modern cuisine, wellness centre, unique Gallery & more. Reaching us is easy now - due to the Pribina highway (R1) which has an exit for Beladice.
Info –
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