photo Wolfgang Janowitsch / Mathias Wersonig
2837 pts.
CLUB photo Michal Lešinger
Czech Republic
ASW 19
2262 pts.
15M photo Dennis Huybreckx
LS 8/15m
2847 pts.
OPEN photo Simon Enrique / Briel Levin
EB 28
2936 pts.

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Penzion U Krba



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Competition - 31st Mar 2016

2016-03-31 18:25:52

All gliders accounted for today and this is all from our broadcast. Check the results and have a nice evening :-)

2016-03-31 17:51:51

Waiting for last 3 gliders. All from open class. Today's arrivals went very smooth.

2016-03-31 17:30:25

We have got complete 15m and 20m classes home. One club class glider and most of open class left.

2016-03-31 16:58:26

And first one from open class on 10km is '7'.

2016-03-31 16:56:30

Approx. one half of both club class and 15m class home. 20m class pilot just started calling 10K.

2016-03-31 16:31:55

Gliders from club class and 15 m class on final. 

2016-03-31 16:13:17

Glider are still competing. First glider home. Some outlandings MA, AV, MI

2016-03-31 14:29:47

Launching procedure started at 13:30 and all gliders are in the air.  One relaunch so far. There are almost no cumulus clouds though pilots are able to keep up in the air. It seems like termals are present but not very strong ones. The rising temperature might create more thermal activity, but also the air might be drying out. We well see what the weather will bring us today. Good luck to all pilots and fly safe ;)

2016-03-31 12:18:10

Still waiting for the temperature to rise up. Launching posponed to 12:45. 

2016-03-31 11:51:15

First cumulus clouds above our heads. The sniffer is going to try the weather.  Starts still planned for 12:30.

2016-03-31 11:34:42

Meteo man is being calm. He says the weather looks good for competing. Sun is shining outside, it is quite warm outside, the temperature is rising. So let´s be optimistic :)

2016-03-31 10:25:22

The weather outlook for today:

There is fohn creating over the Alps that might effect the weather today. Due to the fohn effect the coming air mass will be drying up and warming which will lead to stabilizing the air (not what we would wish for). Therefore there will be higher temperature needed to create thermal activity. Accoarding to the predictions the maximum temperature should be high enough to create cu clouds with 1,5 m/s clims and 1600 m cloud bases.

It means RACING TASK for all classes from 150 to 230 km and first launch planned for 12:30. 

2016-03-31 09:54:13

Briefing is about to start. Let´s see what our met man and task setter have prepared for us ;-)

2016-03-31 07:56:24

Good sunny morning!

Runway in use 15, sequence same as yesterday. 

Briefing at 10 a.m. See you there ;)

15L 15R
15m class Club class
20m class 20m class self-launchers
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