photo Bostjan Rudolf & Sandi Kavalic
Duo Discus
3951 pts.
CLUB photo Michal Lešinger
Czech Republic
ASW 20
3186 pts.
15M photo David Mach
Czech Republic
Ventus 2a
3942 pts.
OPEN photo Wim Akkermans
Ventus 3F
3844 pts.

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Competition - 18th Apr 2022

2022-04-18 17:41:43

The last pilot is safely home and another successful competition day is over.

2022-04-18 17:03:42

We are waiting for last two pilots. According to the average speeds in the preliminary results, it looks like it was a ride today :)

2022-04-18 16:20:00

All pilots from Club and 20M Multi-Seat classes have landed.

2022-04-18 15:24:23

Landings in progress. Almost everybody from the Club class is home.

2022-04-18 14:53:16

First three Club class competitors on final. LL, B and VG. Congratutation guys!

2022-04-18 13:55:01

You can track the competitors here:

Club class

15M class

20M Multi-Seat class

Open class

2022-04-18 13:28:29

Everyone is in the air. First gliders are already on the 1st turnpoint at the north. Some snow/ rain showers in the task area but it doesnt seem like a trouble for pilots.

2022-04-18 12:14:36

Launching procedure is in progress. There are no repeated starts yet.

2022-04-18 11:22:50

 starts are confirmed to 11.30 am

2022-04-18 11:00:34

Sniffer is already in the air.

2022-04-18 10:42:32

Task are set for today. We have racing task for all classes in the range between 250 - 370 KM.

2022-04-18 08:39:15

Good morning to all of you!


We hope you enjoyed first flight of the competition yesterday. Today looks again as flyable day with first launch to be expected at 11:30AM. The sun is shining and the sky is clear though the situation might get tricky by local rainshowers. Grid is opened, Briefing at the usual time 10AM