Saturday, 11. 7. 2009
15M photo Louis Bouderlique
Ventus 2A
7121 pts.
18M photo Russell Cheetham
United Kingdom
ASG 29/18m
7283 pts.
OPEN photo Peter Harvey
United Kingdom
Nimbus 4
6945 pts.

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Competition - 29th Jun 2009

2009-06-29 16:46:54

Here, as far as possible, is the landing order of gliders so far 2c, SV, M, WO, LB, F2, BX, 71 the first wave at about 14.32, just 2 hours after the 18m start opened. At 14.35, the next wave came in a fresher wind at 6kt than this morning. These were PL, OG, JR, KM. Then BX, GE, 86, 176, CX, DXT, HX, MD, 2W, HE, XI, WW, B, LK followed by 5A, MC, AS, 57, PX, EF, 7D, EW, CZ, E1 1R - a 15m glider, 29 K1 77 AB LE XY N1 110 V8 WG PF RP K2 EQ EH NB CC VB 4T Z3 V7 MR SDI X GD. The first trailer, FT, rolled at 15.15. Up on the tower, we were trying not to touch any metal as lightning zipped across the sky so some reporting may be inaccurate -I reserve the right to miss a few. WR 72 IA N6 came next. BTs trailer left at 15.28 soon followed bz 7As. XXL landed home, then at 15.35, ZF, the big Antares. 63 MP SA 10 at 15.55. AN unidentified Spanish left next. BO AZ This is Day 1, when the excitement of seeing the first launch of the 2009 European Championships was balanced by trying to edit this section in a program I saw for the first time this morning on a borrowed computer in the Slovak language so it may be less than perfect but it can only get better!

2009-06-29 16:40:33

Heavy internet traffic and thunderstorms all around stopped you receiving my midday message until now. Surprisingly, given the sharp deterioration in the weather to lightning, rain squalls and black cloud cover, most pilots in 18m and Open classes are back and also some 15m. As the tasks were AAT, I dont know yet how many of these turned back without completing. Confirmed outlanded so far - FT BT GI KX KT VS VI UR. The sun is back over Nitra but the sky looks very lifeless but we continue to hope to see some more 15m gliders fly home.

2009-06-29 12:38:10

First launch went as planned. Excellent to see 84 gliders launched in 58 minutes by 10 growling towplanes, without a hitch despite no practice. The temperature is rising fast drawing up the moisture so the sky shows a varied selection of cloud shapes. Some very nice streets forming but still relatively low, at around 6-700m. Nitra operates what they call silent launching, marshalls giving instructions by red and white flags, reducing radio traffic and adding movement and colour to the scene.

2009-06-29 09:33:17

First Contest Day and with luck, a small weather window should give us time for a task before the weakening Th activity brings showers around 16.00. AAT speed tasks for all classes with 2 hours to use. The air mass has been from the north east which is unusual here. A lot of Slovakia is under severe flooding after almost ten straight days rain so there has not even been a chance for a practice task. The situation is still unstable but improving at last, pressure rising and sunshine by breakfast. Wind very light and insignificant on the ground. 2km NE. There is no inversion layer so overdevelopment can go very high but the important thing is, gliders are on the grid and the pilots are more than ready. Scheduled first launch, 11.30.

2009-06-29 04:49:06

NEW not guarateed airspace and TPs files for the competition in Zander / SDI format are now available. For download of all the files just visit TPs & Airspace in the top menu.