Saturday, 11. 7. 2009
15M photo Louis Bouderlique
Ventus 2A
7121 pts.
18M photo Russell Cheetham
United Kingdom
ASG 29/18m
7283 pts.
OPEN photo Peter Harvey
United Kingdom
Nimbus 4
6945 pts.

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Competition - 1st Jul 2009

2009-07-01 17:58:59

And finally, I am happy to report MC, Poland, landed safely at Nitra and that makes all pilots accounted for. Over, Out.

2009-07-01 17:48:59

VB, Nimbus 4D Russia, has just arrived but may have used his engine. The sky is beautiful now with the storm clouds no longer threatening, with strong sunshine and that very welcome commodity, blue sky.

2009-07-01 17:43:39

SV, Lithuania, Lak 17A is approaching.

2009-07-01 17:31:22

LB and MP have landed. Just waiting for MC, VB and SV to call in.

2009-07-01 17:08:17

18m: only SV and KM to come

2009-07-01 17:06:44

Except for GI, the whole 15m class is home. Open Class : 176 K2 ZF SD BO 77

2009-07-01 17:02:32

Several more have landed while I was writing. Just a minute while I check their Competition numbers.

2009-07-01 16:54:37

Surprise - everyone back much faster than predicted. 18m class so far MD AB F2 WG EF XT WO E1 M 57 AS 7D JR PL PX LK CZ 2c 2X HE OF 71

2009-07-01 15:27:37

We applogise that two of our web cams have been out due to tunderstorms yesterday, but both of them are in service now. You can enjoy the look out form our tower again.

2009-07-01 13:56:17

All glders are in the air but the humidity is nearly 80% and rising.

2009-07-01 11:47:28

Tug engines warming up for a 12.00 launch.

2009-07-01 11:28:02

First launch delayed until 11.45 to allow for the passage of a narrow band of high cover. A short further delay may be necessary.

At the moment, there is a slight tailwind which will lessen through the day.

2009-07-01 10:35:49

There could be plenty of showers at the airfield, less in the eastern part of the task area, but the task setters have given all classes polygons for a racing task today. If they have to go to Task B, it will be AAT using the same turn points with the areas superimposed. Pressure is unvaried today, decreasing over the next two days. Tomorrow looks poor but Friday could be better again.

2009-07-01 09:23:59

A much more optimistic note here in Nitra, this morning. New air, a little more breeze to relieve the torment of the high humidity.

Yesterday's difficult tactical choices are still being discussed and mentally reworked by many.

One team waited a long time to start, certain that conditions were nowhere near right, then got worried at how earlier starters seemed to be getting on. When they finally left , they found to their relief that they had done the right thing and returned faster than the early birds, but exhausted from the tricky flying they had to do to keep clear of the storms.