Saturday, 11. 7. 2009
15M photo Louis Bouderlique
Ventus 2A
7121 pts.
18M photo Russell Cheetham
United Kingdom
ASG 29/18m
7283 pts.
OPEN photo Peter Harvey
United Kingdom
Nimbus 4
6945 pts.

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Competition - 4th Jul 2009

2009-07-04 20:05:19

A round-up of outlanders in case your special person is one of them. Open Class: 77 K2 MC (virtual, returned with engine) SV ditto.

15m GI HX N6 XY YB (need to check if KT used engine). 10 (only 3km away).

18m BT KM

All these pilots are absolutely fine. One glider is substantially damaged and one only slightly.

2009-07-04 19:58:10

All gliders are accounted for.

Competition director, Vladimir Foltin, has just left to retrieve a glider from a frustratingly close 3km.

The tower was busy today with even the Chief of Operations from the Aeroclub of Slovakia visiting us. Vlado's little daughters, 4 years and 15 months, wielded radio and binoculars but lack experience in contest number spotting.

CC called in but then did not appear for ages and quite a number of gliders had to resort to their engines too ensure reaching Nitra airfield. Last man home tonight, ZF Sven Kolb of Austria in an Antares.

To show how difficult the long Open class task got, one late-returning pilot who won a day earlier this week, was nearly an hour and a half behind his teammate who started at the same time

. Arthur's papa had a terrific day so Arthur is very happy.

2009-07-04 19:45:58

As computers will, my laptop overheated up on the tower and switched itself ooff, sending my last hour of messages to oblivion. I will try to rewrite them.

2009-07-04 18:02:51

CZ AB VS Wind 320 SDI EQ Y PL 5A EF 7A XT BX PX M F2 HE MD X E1 EW LSJ MP 2W JR FT RP EH B KT XXL V7 29 4T AX all landed.

2009-07-04 17:26:54

PF has arrived. Has he used the engine? VB did not fly. WO(lfgang Janowitch)has landed. Airfield data: Wind 360 gusting to 12kph. HX trailer is ready to go. And YB.

2009-07-04 16:51:38

and we are on the tower ready to roll with the sky still beautiful, what steward Visa-Matti likens to a Finnish summer sky. Outlanded: K2, KM, 77, GI

2009-07-04 12:09:36

Launching is over, the sky is looking gorgeous, the scenery in the Tatra will be more than beautiful, it should be a memorable day for the pilots whatever the results.

2009-07-04 12:05:36

PS to the 15m task of Day 5, Z3, Tim Scott of Great Britain, was lucky enough to find a bubble that let him climb in rain near the final turn, while he watched as gliders only moments behind him sank into the fields. Sometimes, you need a little luck...

2009-07-04 11:17:17

The pressure is on in both Open and 18m classes. In Open, only 30 points separate leader Peter Harvey (GB) in N1 from teammate Steve Jones 110. And Laurent Aboulin, France, in XXL will be trying to snatch away the 8 point lead of his countryman, Sylvain Gerbaud (72) for third place. In 18m., the lead is 20 points. Mike Young of GB in glider 57 leading from Russell Cheetham, also GB, in E1. Wolfgang Janowitsch Austria, WO, is only 12 teeny points behind them.

2009-07-04 10:29:52

All racing tasks today. Being Saturday, lots of other people willl be airborne, including local competitions for gliders and paragliders, few of whom fcarry any collision warning device so good look-out is of the essence today... Lots of parachutists about too...

2009-07-04 10:26:17

The air is drier, with more energy. Wind north, negligible at altitude but a little stronger on the ground. Possibility of showers in the mountains but no thunderstorms forecast for the first time in nearly two weeks.

2009-07-04 09:11:51

Lovely new freshness in the air today. Breezy, sunny, clear. First launch at 11.00. Open Class in front of 18m today.

2009-07-04 08:40:52

The local network does not permit me to post photos with these reports but I hope you are enjoying the excellent coverage by Elfo, in the photos section. Elfo is a talented local photographer who works at the University of Nitra.

2009-07-04 08:38:07

Sorry to report that Steven Raimond, NL, glider 1R, is returning home today for family reasons.

2009-07-04 08:35:50

Good morning, Today should be the best day so far for weather so pilots will be enjoying the mountain scenery of the Tatra mountains. Yesterday, Matra, just beyond the Danube. Today, Tatra and Fatra!