Saturday, 11. 7. 2009
15M photo Louis Bouderlique
Ventus 2A
7121 pts.
18M photo Russell Cheetham
United Kingdom
ASG 29/18m
7283 pts.
OPEN photo Peter Harvey
United Kingdom
Nimbus 4
6945 pts.

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Competition - 5th Jul 2009

2009-07-05 17:04:02

The conditions for the remaining two 15m still out are unlikely to be good enough for a normal arrival, too many showers in their way, but we know they are still airborne now and in radio contact with the director so I can shut down with my usual remark that all gliders are accounted for.

2009-07-05 16:46:57

I can still see AX's trailer in the field where they had just arrived as the wild weather broke. They must have sat it out in the corn waiting to derig and must be very wet, people, car and glider.

2009-07-05 16:44:10

Just the 2 Italian Dianas to come now. They made a second start quite late so should arrive behind the storm.

2009-07-05 16:41:28

Romanian YB seemed to have disappeared after calling 10km. The rain became violent, a glider car combination and a tug stood out on the field under the torrents of rain. No YB. But after setting searches in motion, we heard from the Danish TM, who said YB had crept in from the NW (opposite end from his expected approach where Domino's binoculars were straining to see), and was safely sitting by his trailer!!! Well, hurrah for that and Bravo YB.

2009-07-05 16:16:12

A big bumble bee just sought shelter in the tower, so heavy is the rain at the moment while the sun is shining on the rooftops and windows of Nitra. A truly local phenomenon!

2009-07-05 16:06:56

Just waiting for VS and KT, both of Italy.

2009-07-05 16:02:03

Someone has just dropped into a field 2km out, in plain view from the tower, but safely.Probably AX. Yes, there goes AX trailer. V8, Gulyas is also outlanded. So Day 7 has been a shake-up day especially in 15m

First results are already up.

2009-07-05 15:44:27

EQ 63 LE Z3 EH K1 VI 5A GX BX N6 ?B XY GE is coming to complete the 18m class.

2009-07-05 15:32:53

HX 18m all back except for GE

2009-07-05 15:31:16

SV AZ coming. V7, V8,2W, BX 10 FT BO Open class complete.

2009-07-05 15:18:10


2009-07-05 15:17:40

MD just in. first landers were F2 E1 PL Trailer SDI went out some time ago 29 trailer is going out and KX. Also back, 57, XXL SA, AB,

2009-07-05 14:15:20

Post-prandial Sunday drowsinesss. Too hot for walks round the airfield.

Cu still being born to the west.

To the south, just one wide curtain.

British TM prepares to protect his electrical and paper items from the rain he expects within the hour...

2009-07-05 11:26:36

Launching confirmed at 11.30.

The office full of aviation fuel fumes as the tugs roll past the open window.

Considerable cloud brewing to the north but it should not unduly influence the first turnpoint for the 15m class pilots.

Task A for all classes.

2009-07-05 10:59:45

Our old friend, the thunderstorm situation, can't bear to leave Nitra!

It is brewing up outside the window now.

Still so much moisture in the air and the clouds are not very high.

Can the pilots make it back from today's shorter flights in the stronger wind in time to avoid another soaking?

2009-07-05 09:19:34

The task-setting team, Vladimir Foltin, his deputy, Dominik (Domino) and steward Visa-Matti Leinikki, are trying hard to concentrate against a background of bellowed instructions from the police PT instructor, along the corridor, where he is licking the recruits into shape. Hop! Hop! Hey! at multi-decibels.

2009-07-05 09:09:05

Good morning,

Thunderstorms are back in the area so a shorter task today.

This will also be welcome after a long week of competition and a generously-provided International evening last night. Who would have thought that the cook who prepares our delicious, fresh meals is also a professional-standard drummer! That was some solo session!