Tuesday, 14. 9. 2010
18M photo Christoph Matkowski
ASG 29/18m
10 pts.

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Competition - 18th Sep 2010

2010-09-18 19:56:57

The official winners of the Grand Prix in Nitra were announced and the prizegiving ceremony is over. Now the barbecue is taking place in the dinning room. Some pilots, who have a long journey in front of them, have already left. It is time to celebrate now :) Good night

2010-09-18 16:10:39

It is shortly past 4 pm and all gliders are counted. The pilots say this was definitely the best day of the competition and it´s a pity all days was not like this one. We are glad the pilots enjoyed this day.

2010-09-18 15:52:01

Almost complete preliminary results are published. You can access them using Results & Starts Menu above.

2010-09-18 15:50:51

Next preliminary results: 5th place Stanislaw (PL),  6th Ivan (CZ), 7th Petr (PX), 8th Petr (RS), 9th Henning (10), 10th Pavel (EK)

2010-09-18 15:37:32

On the second place is Andreas (WO) and on the third place is Tomas (ZX). Alena (AJ) is right behind them. 

2010-09-18 15:36:15

We have the first glider on the ground. The winner of the last day of the competition is Christoph (MC).  

2010-09-18 15:34:46

 Andreas(WO), Christoph(MC) and Alena(AJ) on 10 km. 

2010-09-18 15:29:56

 First gliders after the third turning point, Vrable, flying to Kalvaria and then Cetin. 

2010-09-18 15:24:33

We can already see the gliders from the tower heading to Vrable.  

2010-09-18 14:52:09

Pilots are after the second turning point. We have already taken a bet for the daily winner.

2010-09-18 14:35:51

Most of the gliders are heading to the second turning point. The weather situation looks good. It´s time to have a bet who will be the winner of today:)

2010-09-18 13:31:01

All gliders are in the air. The start line will be opened at 13:40. The weather looks nearly perfect. Let´s watch the tracking:) 

2010-09-18 12:50:36

Double low pass of TU-154 was great :) Starts are confirmed to 13:00 and the task A is valid. I wish all the pilots to enjoy the last day of the competition and the flight itself as much as possible!

2010-09-18 12:15:43

The starts are moved to 13:00. The lowpass of TU-154 is expected at 12:40. Don´t miss it :)

2010-09-18 11:27:16

The sun is shining and the first cumulus clouds have appeared. It looks like the weather conditions for gliding will me more than good :)

2010-09-18 10:30:39

The last briefing of this competition is over and the task A is set for 202,3 km. Launching is planned for 12:30. The ridge of the high pressure area is influencing the weather today so we hope the pilots will have a nice flight. A short program is prepared for the audience. First, you will have a chance to see TU 154 then the take offs of the grand prix gliders, acrobatic of the Fox glider and Extra 300, the vintage gliders and our motor planes. At the end you will hopefully see the landings of the grand prix gliders and the final pricegiving ceremony. 

2010-09-18 09:13:01

The fog has dissolved and the blue sky is coming from the west. We expect today to be a flying day. Runway in use is 33.

2010-09-18 07:53:36

Good morning! The sky is cloudy and the airfield is cover with a thin fog. Briefing is normally at 10:00 and we will know more afterwards.