Tuesday, 14. 9. 2010
18M photo Christoph Matkowski
ASG 29/18m
10 pts.

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Competition - 14th Sep 2010

2010-09-14 16:26:31

The daily winners are announced. It was a nice day. Finally, we had a chance to see the race as it should be. Hopefully, tomorrow will be flyable as well.

2010-09-14 14:52:54

Christoph (MC) is the second one and Petr (RS) the third one. Roman (LF) is the forth one.  

2010-09-14 14:50:31

Pavol (EK) is the first one home. Congratulations!

2010-09-14 14:45:50

 Some pilots are already heading towards the last turning point, Cetin. They just passed the airport of Nitra, but they are quite low. Good luck guys

2010-09-14 14:39:28

Some of the fans decided to take a bet who will be the winner of today. The atmosphere here is excellent. People moved to the tower to see the landings.

2010-09-14 14:26:59

The sky above Nitra is completely clear and there is no sign of cumulus clouds. Pilots are still trying their best heading towards the second turning point. Some have very good altitude.

2010-09-14 14:00:10

Few gliders are already on the first turning point.

2010-09-14 13:37:47

Pawel (77) is back at the airport using the engine. Mindaugas (MV) is low near the airport. The bar is filled with the people watching the tracking system.

2010-09-14 13:05:51

The start line is opened. Ivan (CZ) had to take off again. He is releasing right now in the start line.

2010-09-14 12:48:57

All gliders are in the air. The start line will be opened at 13:00. The weather looks good so we hope the pilots will enjoy the flight and competing.  

2010-09-14 12:02:32

First take offs are moved and confirmed to 12:15. The high cirrus clouds are visible above the airport. There is 1/8th of the cumulus clouds and quite strong wind. DG 1000 reported 1 meter climbs and the cloud bases of 910 m at the moment.

2010-09-14 11:30:08

The sky is still clear and there are no cumulus clouds yet. Pilots are getting ready, all gliders are on the grid.

2010-09-14 10:41:12

The weather is sunny and the tasks are handed out. The task A, valid for now, is 152,2 km long aiming along the hills where the cumulus clouds are expected. Launching is planned for 12:00 LOC.

2010-09-14 07:20:24

Good morning everyone! The sky is clear and the sun is shining. It seems like the another flying day is in front of us. Yay! So let´s get to work :)