Sunday, 2. 6. 2013
STD photo Miloslav Cink
Czech Republic
LS 8/15m
1744 pts.
Currently No Winner.

CLUB photo Karel Mareš
Czech Republic
ASW 15
1938 pts.
18M photo Peter Hartmann
ASG 29/18m
1911 pts.
15M photo Dominik Jančik
LS 6
1833 pts.
OPEN photo Sebastian Eder
2049 pts.

FAI International Pilots Rankings







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[2013-05-27 20:19:20] [4] elfo - photos
Hi everybody, pictures are online in the menu > "photos" section.
[2013-05-05 17:38:55] [3] Peter Hartmann - Airspacefiles
Hi Vladimir,
will you have a valid airspace-file for us . Preferable in .cub and .txt format.
Kind regards
[2013-04-03 11:44:57] [2] Vladimir - Re: English info
Hello Przemek, this event is going to be run according to Austrian gliding rules as it would be in case when the venue would be in Austria. However for guest pilots (I am one of them) there will be briefing session in English.
[2013-04-02 11:12:05] [1] Przemyslaw Bart - English info
I'm interested in participiting iin your competition. Could you publish some info in English?
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