Saturday, 11. 7. 2009
15M photo Louis Bouderlique
Ventus 2A
7121 pts.
18M photo Russell Cheetham
United Kingdom
ASG 29/18m
7283 pts.
OPEN photo Peter Harvey
United Kingdom
Nimbus 4
6945 pts.

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[2009-07-12 00:59:24] [203] XXL's fan club - Merci et Bravo Laurent
Merci aux organisateurs de ce championnat d'Europe, merci pour les merveilleuses photos quotidiennes qui nous ont enchantés et merci pour toutes les infos !
Bravo la Slovaquie !!!
Et .... Bravo encore à Laurent, tu es un grand champion et nous sommes fiers d'appartenir à ton fan club !
[2009-07-11 15:18:32] [202] elfo - last photos
Farewell party & price giving ceremony photos are uploaded.
Game over.
Good bye and see you @ PribinaCup2010
[2009-07-11 01:49:59] [201] British Gliding - Congratulations
Congratulations, Team GB !

And thanks to the organisers, helpers and all competitors for pulling together what looked like a great championship in some challenging weather.
[2009-07-10 21:44:59] [200] Maciej - gratulations for POLAND
Lukasz and Karol, Sebastian, Christopher, Jurek - you are GREAT! Thanks for all - it was amaizing flying in difficult wather - see you and good luck for coming home.
[2009-07-10 20:49:18] [199] Kristine - the view from this side
Terribly bad written news and daily summery. looks like author has no idea where and what does he write.
Amazing good photos!
[2009-07-10 19:48:37] [198] C8 - photos from farwell and price
giving. Please do not forget about them.
[2009-07-10 19:47:22] [197] pipo - IGC files
Would be great if you upload igc file when you have relaxed a little bit. Thanks.
[2009-07-10 17:36:31] [196] tit - Thanks to organization team
Thanks a lot for wondeful web site. News ticker allowed us to be "near" to EGC. Elfo's wonderful pictures made me dreaming of beautiful gliders and vacation at Nitra.

Thanks a lot.
[2009-07-10 17:32:08] [195] titi - congratulations
First of all congratulations to English team containing now 2 europeen champions. Congrats to French team, too, winning 15m class.
My bst personal wishes too Łukasz Wójcik and Jeremiasse Francois Cornelis. Hope you newcomers will chalenge the "oldies" next time again.

Thanks too al for giving great entertainemnt during last 2 weeks.
[2009-07-10 17:26:31] [194] Jean-Luc - It's over!!!
The game is over. Bad weather, no task today.
[2009-07-10 16:11:45] [193] titi - Still not in the air?
One more day please. What's ongoin?
[2009-07-10 14:11:42] [192] tata - to Jéjé "9C"
English team you mean, not crew. We are not on a ship, we speak about sport (teams).

Je t'embete. Je suis d'accord avec toi, il y en a qui sont bien contents de ne pas voler aujourd'hui.
[2009-07-10 13:39:05] [191] Jéjé "9C" - secret weapon ... ^^
English crews bring with them their secret weapon ... bad weather !!!! ... 2points ...

Go XXL !!!!
[2009-07-10 12:24:04] [190] titi - PF - Thomas Rendla
This is what I call winning a task. Good job. 200 points compared to the second. All in the top 3 were dreaming of such a win. It would have made them europeen champion. Congrats, Thomas.
[2009-07-10 11:39:00] [189] Wojtek - RP
Trzymamy kciuki Łukasz. Lej ich dalej, wielkie brawa!!!
[2009-07-10 01:41:17] [188] Ingo & Familie - Team Germany, go!
Wir drücken den Deutschen Piloten nochmal fest die Daumen!
[2009-07-10 00:25:41] [187] Max from Sweden -
Having adds like that on your site really sucks!
I don't want my sport associated with that.
[2009-07-09 22:12:41] [186] XXL's fan club - Go, go Laurent
Bravo pour cette épreuve, le fan club est fier, two smalls points !!!!! Go go Laurent !!!!
Nous t'embrassons fort great Champion !!!!
[2009-07-09 21:48:41] [185] bibi - Very strong Łukasz Wójck
1364h A non proffessional under the top 2. That gives hope to the amateurs.
[2009-07-09 21:24:41] [184] bibi - Very strong Łukasz Wójcik
Congrats. First next time!
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